Conference Programme

Friday 10 June


Welcome and introductions


Panel 1: The European City – Chair: Maarten Delbeke (ETH Zurich)

  • Edoardo Piccoli (Politecnico di Torino) – Sacred Real Estate in the Eighteenth-Century City: Issues of Legitimacy
  • Desmond Fitz-Gibbon (Mount Holyoke College) – Cultural Economy and the Marketization of Real Estate in Modern Britain
  • Alexia Yates (University of Manchester) – Bubbles, Scams, Busts: On Reading Financialized Real Estate
  • Laurence Heindryckx (Ghent University) – Developing the European Metropolis of the 20th Century: Amelinckx and Etrimo in Post-war Belgium


Lunch break


Panel 2: Corporate Citadels – Chair: Laurent Stalder (ETH Zurich)

  • Sarah M. Schlachetzki (University of Bern) – “Fourteen Hundred Meters of Most Modern Office Block Façades”: Heinrich Mendelssohn. Developer, Investor, Networker
  • Amy Thomas (TU Delft) – “Too Feeble and Senile for the Job”: The Many Faces of the City of London Corporation
  • Thomas Shay Hill (Harvard GSD) – Architecture, Building Innovation, and Real Estate Finance in the 1980s Office Development Boom
  • Sara Stevens (University of British Columbia) – Mediating Capital: Developers of Speculative Office Towers


Coffee break


Roundtable 1: Switzerland today – Chair: André Bideau (ETH Zurich, Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio)

  • Adam Jasper (ETH Zurich) – The Hourglass, the Ballot Box, and the Facade: Cultural Participation as Strategy in the Development of Swisscom Tower Berne
  • Susannah Cramer-Greenbaum (ETH Zurich) – Modifying to Commodify: How Financial Intent Shapes Urban Housing in Zurich
  • Isabel Concheiro Guisan (HEIA Fribourg) Negotiating with Capital: Architects and Developers in Contemporary French‐speaking Switzerland


Apéro (Restaurant Chiffon)

Saturday 11 June


Panel 3: Anglo-Suburbia – Chair: Emma Jones (University of Hong Kong)

  • Maren Koehler (University of Sydney), Jasper Ludewig (University of Newcastle) – Banking on Housing: Credit Foncier Loans and the State Savings Bank of Victoria, 1890–1936
  • Andrew Murray (University of Melbourne) – The Buckeridge Group of Companies and the Making of Perth
  • Anna Andrzejewski (University of Wisconsin-Madison) – Building the Dream: How South Florida (USA) Became a Retirement Destination After World War II
  • Ellen Rowley (University College Dublin) – Planned Giving: The Role of Catholic Priest + Parishioner in the Building of Suburban Dublin, Ireland, 1965-80


Lunch break


Pane 4: The Business of Building – Chair: Sarah Nichols (EPFL)

  • Conor Lucey (University College Dublin) – Real Estate and Print Culture in Georgian Britain and Ireland
  • Chelsea Spencer (MIT) – Confidence Men: The Credibility of Contractors in the Nineteenth-Century United States
  • Jesse Honsa (KU Leuven) – The Building Firm Builds Labour: John Laing & Son’s Creation of Skill, Technique and Productivity
  • Kristin Barry (Ball State University) – Patterning Nostalgia: The US Kit House Movement, and the Construction Conundrum
  • Ewan Harrison (Liverpool University) – Taylor Woodrow Will Emigrate: A Contractor-Developer Navigates the Ends of Empire in West Africa


Coffee break


Roundtable 2: Research methods and approaches – Chair: Gregorio Astengo (ETH Zurich), Davide Spina (ETH Zurich)


Conference dinner (zum Alten Löwen)